Our Odyssey and Philosophy

Who are we? This is the story of our journey.


Have extensive experience in branding, digital marketing, and international relations.


With over 2700 documented results, we’ve been able to influence and change.


Use the characteristics of a luxury brand to penetrate the unconscious.

I am Ali Arabi – Persian entrepreneur, life coach, and business strategist.

The following is the story of our journey.

International activities and creating global relationships were my primary focus around 2005. As part of my energy psychology work, I used more than 40 modalities. I have coached people in their personal and professional lives. During my time in Iran, I worked in the field of technology transfer. For Iran, I negotiated exclusive representation with global companies like GranDecor from Russia. In collaboration with major Iranian universities, I worked on a number of projects. In addition, I collaborated with a number of remarkable writers and people, including Paulo Coelho.

In 2018 I founded TarheTalayi or The Golden Path VIP coaching center, and got eventually blocked by authorities.

Ali Arabi

The education mafia in Iran closed my activity as a result of my non-alignment and rejection of proposals. In addition to having my domain name ( blocked, my main videos have been removed from the Iranian primary video-sharing platforms. And consequently, I became even more determined to set up this platform I had planned from the very beginning.

No other way

We live in an era where the world is vaster than ever; its speed is limitless and relations are in the most complicated condition. It’s like driving a Bugatti in the middle of the night at 400 km/h on a rainy road. Despite everything’s beauty, a moment’s delay and a wrong move can lead to disaster. It leads to choosing the wrong path for the rest of your life. Life is short and sometimes there is no turning back. There is no room for doubt here. A precise, delicate, and purposeful strategy is more critical than ever in today’s world, both personally and professionally.

However, is it possible to adhere to strategies? The thing is, at high speeds, you act instinctively. During sensitive moments, a defense mechanism erases all your information and knowledge, when you need them most. And this is when the most fundamental issue of all life becomes clear: the mind that controls us at high speeds is totally instinctive and unconscious.

The TarheTalayi team and I were motivated by our differing viewpoints. There is a doctrine we have built that is much bigger than Iran. For the world, we stepped much stronger than before.

At TarheTalayi, our clients achieve amazing results both personally and professionally. Our work is based on a simple but different belief. For one simple reason, people rarely get results from reading and hearing about success. In fact, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche said that more than a century ago. He said:

Knowledge kills action; action requires the veils of illusion.

Friedrich Nietzsche

Do you ever feel like you don’t have the power to use what you learn and that your most valuable information is worthless?
Have you ever felt that your mind has its own mind and that you don’t have the power to make any decisions?

In these moments, you can gain a better understanding of your unconscious mind.

There are two types of learning: self-aware learning which is powerless and unconscious learning which changes everything. It’s what you need most.

Movement requires knowledge, and Nietzsche does not oppose every form of knowledge. He opposes passive knowledge that has no influence on you, weighs you down like a library, and prevents you from moving.

Knowledge must be internalized. It’s not about information, it’s about internalization. When a single sentence is internalized, it can create a belief, and a belief can change your life. This is the basis of our work. After more than 2000 documented results, we are here to provide you with the ultimate internalization tools.

The Green Movement, Paulo Coelho & The Kingdom of Earth

In 2008, I reached an agreement to publish a book with Paulo Coelho. A year later, strange events turned everything upside down. The first significant protest wave in Iran, the Green Movement, occurred in 2009. Paulo Coelho’s Iranian publisher and translator, Arash Hejazi, joined the demonstrations as well. Neda Agha Sultan, whose name echoed throughout the world as a symbol of this remarkable movement, was one of Arash Hejazi’s friends.

She marched next to Hejazi. She died in Hejazi’s hands after a bullet pierced her chest. After fleeing Iran, Hejazi wrote a defiant book called “The Gaze of the Gazelle: The Story of a Generation.” Paulo Coelho wrote the Introduction to this book. With that, he closed the door on his collaboration with Iran forever, and our cooperation came to an end.

The story of this unfinished book, which was called “The Kingdom of Earth” and had been 90% prepared, relates parallel worlds and quantum mechanics to identity, emotions, and something called the sixth sense. The plan to publish this book independently is still in place.

Paulo Coelho & Ali Arabi
A part of Coelho's email, when I was in critical condition in 2009

Mind Doping and Luxury Mind Programming

The word “doping” refers to the use of methods that increase strength and efficiency more than usual. Using our previous experiences, we present our method for maximizing the use of all engines. Mind doping is a fitting name for this method.

Using this exclusive method, the unconscious and the conscious mind are simultaneously trained. It includes the combination of visual and audio supraliminal and subliminal stimuli, specific frequencies and sounds, and binaural beats.

This method worked well. But our ultimate, exclusive method, Luxury Mind Programming, is derived from this unique yet labor-intensive method.

Luxury Mind Programming is more of a doctrine than a method or mindset. There is more to it than just a mindset or a few procedures. It is a belief system that penetrates the unconscious and controls the behavior, thoughts, and desires of the conscious mind.

As part of TarheTalayi, there were two main digital products, including a course containing mental tools. These products come with unique meditations, subliminal stimuli, hypnosis, and visualizations based on the Mind Doping method.

Back to Love by Ali Arabi

With our first product, Back to Love, we have created a course and tools with the highest ratings in the country. This course has the most impressive results in the field of love and relationships.

But it was our next product that introduced the ultimate method. This product, which is much broader than Iran, is called Luxury Mind Programming.

Luxury Mind Programming by Ali Arabi

There are hundreds of books, courses, and pieces of information that do not have any effect, but on the other hand, sometimes a single sentence changes lives. I have gained a profound understanding of the power of simplicity through years of coaching and offering high-quality products.

Luxury Mind Programming is not presented on the site in the form of a complex package. I have pulled out the best of this method, the ones that have produced the most results, and presented them in an abstract and concise form along with the subliminal mental tools. As a result of all the experiments, I have identified the best way to extract the most results.

A system of thought and behavior was developed using the Luxury Mind Programming method. As long as I live, this method will remain my mission.

The TarheTalayi base has never been my primary source of income, and this has always been clear from the intermittent activity of the site and social platforms. Our YouTube channel, with more than a million minutes of watch-time per year, has never been monetized. TarheTalayi was launched with personal motivation and passion. Introducing my unique doctrine was the mission of this passion.

I’ve understood the essence of every significant achievement. And contrary to expectations, this core is a simple thing. This is the central core of reprogramming the subconscious, and this is what sets the law of attraction in motion and creates a fulfilling life, not a fleeting achievement. This central core is luxury thinking.

Luxury brands' necessary philosophy

First, in order to change, you must gain the power of breaking structures. It’s what every luxury brand does.

You need to acquire the power of elimination. For instance, Gucci has become a powerhouse in the fashion industry by understanding the value of eliminating superfluous details, instead of focusing on all the possible details. You have to act with the mentality behind luxury brands like Gucci, Rolex, and Apple. In my opinion, achieving this mentality is the only way.

There are many more important qualities that are essential for your mind and mindset.

Apple's luxury philosophy

A luxury brand does not follow the rules of the market. It determines the price itself. Luxury brands must break marketing conventions to maintain their luxury identity. Despite the unreasonable price, the brand sells nonetheless because people want to be a part of it. A powerful, relaxed but rebel and anarchist personal brand.

Luxury thinking is filled with a deep sense of peace. Our highest worth can be found in this peace that is simple and pure. The value we have is reflected in the wealth we receive. What makes Apple so special? Think different? It’s the luxurious thinking of a luxury mind. I’m here to make you the Apple.

Welcome to

Hope your time here was meaningful. Even if our paths never cross again.

A luxe mind is what I wish for you

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