Ultimate mind tools for the rich of today. of tomorrow.

‌‌With our exclusive Luxury Mind Programming method, we offer the most effective mental tools for priming the unconscious.

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The best way to achieve a vibration in tune with desires. This is the way of superhumans.


See it then achieve it. We facilitate this process with skillful and calculated storytelling.


For a belief to change, dive into the unconscious, explore fantasy, and build from there.

Subliminal stimuli

You don’t see everything you see. The unconscious is the most affected by the environment.

Luxury thinking is filled with a deep sense of peace. Our highest worth can be found in this peace that is simple and pure. The value we have is reflected in the wealth we receive. What makes Apple so special? Think different? It's the luxurious thinking of a luxury mind. We are here to make you the Apple. is built on my pure doctrine, the Luxury Mind Programming method.

C. Ali Arabi

You cannot get the results you want through mere conscious learning.
It’s not about more information, it’s about internalization. Work on the unconscious level.

With nearly 2 decades of coaching experience and more than 40 modalities of energy psychology, I can explain why Nietzsche said that “knowledge kills action and action requires the veils of illusion.” offers the most effective mental tools to prime and reprogram the unconscious with meditation, visualization, hypnosis, subliminal stimuli, and the information you need to achieve more. This is based on the Luxury Mind Programming method.

For the rich of today and tomorrow, this is the ultimate place.


C. Ali Arabi

Ali Arabi - International life and business coach

What is the process of change?

The process consists of four steps:

Subliminal stimuli on


Provide a decent pair of headphones.


Find somewhere comfortable.


Follow the plan.


Embrace the change.