Within 5 years in Iran, we released 3 Persian programs with extraordinary results. The following is all we have to offer:

1- “5 – Y E A R  L I F E  P L A N” (Persian) is a short course from Stanford University’s “Life Design” course, accompanied by the Persian translation of “Designing Your Life” book along with its Audiobook, translated and narrated by me.

2- “B A C K  T O  L O V E” (Persian) aims to maintain and attract love and relationships by raising self-esteem, balancing gender energy, providing essential information, and healing the deepest fears and damages. It is the first significant program using my Mind-Doping method that has produced outstanding results. Mediation, visualization, hypnosis, subliminal stimulation, and affirmations are all included in this program.

3- “L U X U R Y  M I N D  P R O G R A M M I N G” (Persian) program and method focuses on integrating identity and brand with personal goals and market system. The purpose of this program is to teach luxury strategies for penetrating the minds of the audience in the same way luxury brands do in order to sell products at strange prices. Mediation, visualization, hypnosis, subliminal stimulation, and affirmations in Mind-Doping videos, are also included in this program. Ultimately, it is your brand that drives your constant and unconscious manifestations. This is our last program offered in Persian. We are revising and refining the English version of this program, and releasing it in specific volumes. The full English version will be a much more immersive experience.

4- “L U X U R Y  P E R S O N A L  B R A N D – Luxury Mind Programming” (English) is now available on as the first volume of Luxury Mind Programming in English.

…and we’re not finished yet!

5- “M A S T E R I N G  W I T H  T H E  M I N D” (English) We are in the process of developing maybe the most important program we have ever offered. This 3-month journey will give you supreme mental power in all areas of life. You are magical, and in this journey, you will be able to tap into your real power. From Tibet to New York, it encompasses all my mind development experiences and achievements over the last 25 years. It combines the wisdom of the East and the innovation of the West. As of yet, no release date has been announced.