The Only Way to Manifest Money: Build a Luxury Personal Brand Using the Law of Attraction

Manifest Money by Making a Luxury Personal Brand
Your personal brand is the most crucial concept. Your life revolves around this brand. Everything you need in life is only available through this brand. The value you have is reflected in the wealth you receive. If there is no wealth, there is no value, no matter how hard you try.

You can transform your life with the power of the law of attraction, which states that the way you think and feel determines what happens in your life. By consciously aligning your thoughts and actions with abundance, you can attract prosperity, fulfillment, and success.

Unlocking this power lies in cultivating a strong personal brand. Your personal brand is not merely about creating an image; it’s about consistently creating value. When you provide genuine value, you become a magnet for money and success, attracting opportunities and relationships that align with your vision.

Don’t chase the money! This only makes it fly faster. It’s time to stop and look at yourself. Think about your personal brand. Honestly, does your brand deserve your desire?

If you know the answer is “not yet”, you’ve come to the right place.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

Personal Branding, the Key to the Law of Attraction

Your personal brand is the most crucial concept. Your life revolves around this brand. Everything you need in life is only available through this brand. The value you have is reflected in the wealth you receive. If there is no wealth, there is no value, no matter how hard you try.

So stop searching for more!

Luxury mind programming aims to connect the rules and characteristics of big luxury brands to your personal brand and create unique value. To give you the ability to sell anything at any price.

In just 5 minutes, this video will transform your mindset. Unlock the power of luxury branding and unlock the potential to sell any product, service, or idea at a premium. This video is not just about selling a program. It’s about empowering you to think like a luxury brand.

Look at the world of luxury brands. How do they sell at these excessive prices? Are there any mind control techniques? How do they penetrate minds? How do they attract loyal fans? And, Is it possible for you to do the same?

The Law of Attraction for Money

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

Whoever you are and whatever you do, you are a brand. You make all your money from a brand called you. You are able to charge what you want based on the price of your personal brand.

And your personal brand should possess the characteristics of a luxury brand.

Put in less effort. Expanding is unnecessary. It increases costs and consumes time. Don’t work 10x. You just need to raise the price. And for that, having a strong personal brand is essential.

Luxury brands do not follow market rules. They don’t compete. They set their own prices. In order to maintain their luxury identity, they must break marketing conventions. Despite their excessive prices, luxury brands sell nonetheless, because people want to be a part of them. A powerful, spirited, yet rebellious and anarchist brand.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

Abundance Mindset

Luxury thinking is filled with a deep sense of peace. Our highest worth can be found in this peace that is simple and pure. The value we have is reflected in the wealth we receive. What makes Apple so special? Think different? It’s the luxurious thinking of a luxury mind. You should find your inner luxury brand.

Luxury Mind Programming is my unique doctrine. My ultimate method and program that has produced thousands of documented results over the years. I presented the program in Persian via an online course and through one-on-one coaching sessions. And soon realized that this exclusive method and distinct way of thinking should spread across the globe.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

There are hundreds of books, courses, and pieces of information that do not affect life, but a single sentence can change everything when it is absorbed on the unconscious level.

A lifetime of experience and significant results in energy psychology and branding are summarized in this series of premium concise courses which are accompanied by subliminal audio tracks.

Subliminal means any perception of the brain below the consciousness threshold. Subliminal inputs are necessary when the goal is to change personality and belief. And change is always the ultimate goal.

How to Manifest Money?

In reality, you don’t have enough power to visualize, see, and feel clearly, even if you visualize every second of every day. You’ll probably be disappointed.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

What’s wrong with you? Why can’t you imagine what you really want? You can’t visualize something bigger than what you are. Something at higher frequencies. Something you haven’t experienced in real life. You should first feel worthy of the desire you have, and that you are capable enough to fulfill it. To summarize, a belief must be formed.

To achieve that, you need to change everything. And for that, there’s a simple shortcut. You’ll need headphones. You must listen to well-crafted subliminal sounds. Frequencies and messages for the unconscious mind. However, you must learn and practice conscious actions for it to work.

How to Live a Luxury Lifestyle?

What you receive subliminally, is more important than what you consciously receive as supraliminal. But, for deep penetration, both must be present.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

Joseph Murphy says the unconscious mind can be receptive to a specific suggestion that has already been accepted by the conscious mind.

Everything in this program has latent frequencies, messages, and binaural beats. With my exclusive method, everything here is designed to penetrate seamlessly.

There are completely white artworks that sell for thousands of dollars in the Museum of Non-Visible Arts in New York. This is where you realize how a totally blank frame can sell for more than ten thousand dollars! This program introduces you to the world of luxury. Using this method, you will know how to instill your brand in minds, so that your price will no longer be an issue.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

What is Personal Branding?

How would you describe the essence of a luxury brand? Is there a reason why they are often associated with personal brands?

Consider Tom Ford, a new luxury brand that is linked to a personal brand. A luxury brand requires a luxury personal brand. Tom Ford sells a luxury watch that is literally made out of ocean trash, for a thousand dollars.

The only way to do that and succeed is to have a big enough concept that comes from a luxury brand. You must be at the top of the ladder. On top, you rule. And down there, there’s a never-ending battle. In that arena down there, you must lower the prices and shrink the profit margins. Up there you are Tom Ford, and with a big enough concept, you can sell anything at any price.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

So, what does it take to become TOM FORD?

Activate the Law of Attraction and Manifest Wealth

To drive a nail into people’s minds, you must first drive it into your own. As a result, you acquire a new belief system. So along with mastering luxury thinking, you will master what is known as the Law of Attraction. A luxury mind is the key to the law of attraction.

I introduce to you my first volume of the luxury mind programming: Luxury Personal Brand.

The road to success consists of many strategies and wise decisions, but be assured, that creating a distinctive personal brand is the first step.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

Welcome to the world of luxury, where you set the rules. The place where you defy market conventions by creating the value that’s exclusive to you.

In life, everything you do is a sale. Whether you’re trying to persuade someone to do a certain thing, shutting down a relationship discussion, or selling a product. It’s all about sales.

Life is all about sales. And whatever you try to sell, what people buy is nothing but you!

Each day you are selling yourself, what’s the price?

How to Build a Personal Brand

Your personal brand impacts everything in your life. Join this concise program today. Establish a luxury value, and sell at the price you want.

In Luxury Mind Programming, I focus on personal branding in an original, distinctive manner. To achieve maximum influence and change, this method combines other methods of programming the unconscious mind with extremely useful training.

Manifest Money: Harnessing the Law of Attraction with a Luxury Personal Brand

With great results and achievements, this concise program, which will be presented gradually in specific volumes, leads to the establishment of a luxury personal brand. The first part of this series is now available here under the name Luxury Personal Brand.

There are free visualization, meditation, and wealth hypnosis tools available on our YouTube channel, however, the subliminal audio tracks designed exclusively for the “Luxury Mind Programming” program are only included with each volume.

Click here and join this concise program, design your personal brand, establish a luxury value, and sell at the price you want.

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Wealth comes from a sense of worth.

How do they sell blank frames for thousands of dollars?

Luxury Mind Programming - Volume 1: Luxury Personal Brand

29 Responses

  1. Hi teacher, good time, why can’t I ever find my favorite job?
    And is the answer to this question in the course of luxury mind?

    1. Hello dear. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery is crucial to uncovering your passions. It’s a continuous process of learning, growing, and evolving. As the book ‘Designing Your Life’ states, passion is not the starting point of a well-crafted life design; it’s the outcome. I recommend you read the book.
      Keep the fire burning.🔥

  2. Hello, Mr. Arabi, have a good time.
    Teacher, I had a question about getting rich and the dirty system that is running the world.
    They say that one of the things they do is that it drives people towards material things. Does that mean that we who have goals and you who are trying to achieve this are the helpers of this system?
    Whatever you are interested in material things, a better phone, a better car (as far as famous brands) and so on, you are separated from your soul and energy and you were deceived by this system; It means that people who want to grow spiritually should heal themselves mentally and should not grow materially?! And the fact that most of the big companies and brands are self-promoted or become successful makes one doubt!
    For a long time, I have been thinking about what to do.
    be golden

    1. Hello dear. In essence, the universe is devoid of matter. Everything is energy. Money is no exception.
      The vibrational frequency of money mirrors the value you offer to the world. The greatest individuals throughout history, including prophets, were all financially well-off.
      Paradoxically, the system is engineered to keep you preoccupied with money without ever attaining it. It is designed to foster financial aspirations rather than actual financial success. This strategy has proven remarkably effective worldwide.
      Keep the fire burning.🔥

  3. Hello dear mr Ali arabi
    How can I get into the energy of winning the lottery for a lot of money and win?

    1. Hello dear. No thought is as toxic as the fixation on gambling. Obsessing over the lottery wreaks more havoc than any other endeavor on the planet.
      Winning the lottery is akin to triumphing in a deadly war. This mentality breeds a mindset that hinders Design Thinking and fosters an expectation of instant gratification. Such an expectation snuffs out the inherent joys of the creative process.
      Keep the fire burning.🔥

  4. hello Professor
    In my work, from the beginning of my
    employment, he always knows me at least, even now, years later, it is the same I always get sidetracked And they pointed fingers at me, they reject the report and I am constantly fighting and proving my innocence I’m tired I can’t do anything other than being an employee and I’m getting old

    1. Hello dear. While the information you’ve provided is limited, I believe the underlying issue may not be financial but rather relational. Focus on elevating your energy and cultivating a positive outlook. The world is filled with goodness, and embracing that can make a significant difference.
      Keep the fire burning.🔥

  5. My Esteemed Coach
    First of all, I would like to thank you for your valuable response.
    After working in the “Luxury Mind Programming” course and identifying my capabilities and enthusiasm, I decided To do research and activities in the field of the inner child in a specialized and different way as my next plan. However, since my education and work are not related to this issue, and Only in the “Back to Love” course, by focusing on my inner child and healing it, I was able to gain a lot of experience in this regard.
    My question to you is :
    what advice do you have for me to gain credibility and more skills in this field?

    1. Credibility in this field is established through two primary pathways: academic qualifications and a proven track record of delivering positive outcomes. However, there’s no need to wait to embark on either of these paths.
      You can begin your journey as a life coach while simultaneously pursuing academic endeavors. Embark on research and delve into the intricacies of inner child work. Remember, you needn’t wait until you’ve completed your studies to start making a difference.
      To navigate this landscape effectively, consider starting your career in English. Even if your initial efforts are rudimentary, it’s preferable to a robust start in a restrictive environment.
      Adopt a broad approach to your content creation. Target a diverse audience and address a wide range of issues. While doing so, maintain a focus on your specific niche, ensuring that it remains a consistent yet modest component of your content.
      In the global context, addressing child-related issues carries unique sensitivities. Even when uploading videos to YouTube, carefully determine whether your content is suitable for a young audience.
      Keep the fire burning.🔥

    1. Hello dear
      The answer to this overly broad question will only lead you astray. Focus on building your personal brand. Your skills will only be valuable when they’re supported by a strong brand. Without a solid personal brand, your expertise will remain dormant, exploited by others.

  6. Hi sir
    How to penetrate my subconscious and plant luxury beliefs in it? What are the conditions of penetration into the unconscious? I slip on the way to the goal, how can I create the thirsty you say?

    1. Hello dear
      Thirst is ignited when the pursuit of your goals becomes an essential, life-sustaining endeavor. Emotional connection is the most potent tool to unlock the subconscious mind. The exhilaration of navigating your unique path is the driving force behind positive transformation. Setbacks are inevitable, but succumbing to them and refusing to resume your journey is the true anomaly.

  7. Hi
    I want to penetrate my subconscious mind and replace the profitibale and luxury beliefs with destructive ones, how can I do this?

  8. Hello
    Do you believe in ho’oponopono for cleaning ? You never talked about this before and I really want to know that
    Have good times

    1. Hello dear
      Absolutely, Ho’oponopono is a remarkable method for spiritual cleansing. However, I’m referring more specifically to my own personal approaches, which I rigorously utilize to maximize my limited time. There are countless effective methods available in the world, and I strive to incorporate the best of them into my own practice.

  9. Hello and great appreciation for sharing the great knowledge of yours. I want to have my own pastry brand like kinder and the other world-known brands. But I don’t even have a good cell phone to take the pictures and I hardly provide the money for ingredients. I’m working two jobs to save money but that sounds fruitless. I also have watched the video you posted about starting without money but I actually don’t know what to do.
    Thank you in advance

    1. Given that you mentioned not having access to a decent phone, it’s evident you reside in Iran.
      However, living in Iran poses more challenges than just simply lacking certain amenities readily available in the US. Establishing a pastry brand in Iran is not without its hurdles and complexities. The production landscape in Iran presents unique challenges, and my unequivocal recommendation is to prioritize building a robust personal brand and a loyal fan base.

      If you aspire to establish one of the world’s leading pastry brands, embark on the journey by creating one of the most prominent pastry-centric media outlets.
      Alongside exploring Luxury Mind Programming, delve into the realm of content creation and media establishment.
      Initiate your journey by teaching your skills with love.
      Seek out renowned individuals and brands in this domain within the country and collaborate with the most prominent one.
      Immerse yourself in the intricacies of this business from close proximity. Before diving headfirst into the entrepreneurial pool, conduct thorough testing. Sometimes, a series of completely unforeseen yet glaringly obvious insights emerge from this process.
      Studying the book “Designing Your Life” is indispensable for you.
      Keep the fire burning.🔥

  10. Hello Mr Arabi
    First of all I am so grateful for all the opportunities that you give us to move forward in our life, it shows your pure generosity.
    I’m 25 and next year I have to take part in law exam to start my career as a lawyer. During the past 7 years I spent most of my time on education and writing essays in my academic field.
    Although I love my field & educational experiences, I feel bad about just concentrating on education and lack of financial independeny. Everyday I dedicate almost 8 hours to study and 2-3 hours to write essays and relevant activities. In this situation I don’t know how to start working and gaining financial independeny when my first and formal job starts at least 1 and a half year later. I am confused about the kind of activity I should start at this time and don’t want to pass one more year without any financial achievement.
    I bought your luxury mind programming course but because of the situation I mentioned above, I haven’t start it yet. I don’t want to lose the magic power of first time engagement in the sessions and challenges.
    I share my idea in brief. The thing that comes to my mind is to prepare the foregrounds of my career by content making and sharing it on different platforms of social media. I know it doesn’t have any financial achievement for me in this year but it helps to move ahead from the first step at the beginning of my career in the future. My first question is that when do you recommend me to start luxury mind programming course?
    And the second one is do you think it worthes to dedicate my time on content making and activities that are related to my future job on social media or your suggestion is to engage in part time jobs to gain money during this year?
    at the end I should mention that now I’ve started to work on your back to love course once again after a 2 year break because of the unpleasant situations that I’ve experienced recently. I am struggling to get recovered again these days. I don’t know if this tip is important or not In financial success path.
    Finally thanks for dedicating your precious time to solve my confusions. I wish you health, love and the most beautiful moments in life.

    1. Hello, dear Nioosha,
      My first recommendation is to embark on the Luxury Mind Programming course. This course addresses many of your inquiries and serves as a fundamental stepping stone for every endeavor you undertake.

      Money is an energy, and its presence is crucial throughout life. No phase in life justifies living without an income. Lacking income means distancing yourself from a potent force that nourishes existence.
      For immediate income, you can teach various skills you possess, leveraging the power of a strong personal brand to maximize your impact.

      Never neglect small income streams in pursuit of a larger future income. Preserving the steady flow of this energy is essential. While you may need to adjust your income levels at times, completely cutting it off is perhaps the greatest blunder you could make.

      Establishing a strong social media presence is crucial. Ensure you have one, but first, prioritize Luxury Mind Programming.
      I wish you the best in life as well.
      Keep the fire burning.

  11. Hello, my dear teacher, the vip files of both courses are excellent, but I am currently working on Joe Dispenza’s meditation courses, which is 12 weeks long, and I am in the eighth week. Can I do luxury mind vip meditation at the same time?

    1. Hello dear, absolutely! Just like I said, you’re the one who sets the rules after the seventh week of the Luxury Mind Programming course.

  12. Hello, good morning, while thanking you for the unique courses, return to love and luxury mind, my question is about finances. I do not have to go, my very compassionate personality makes me lose the right to advocacy, I sacrifice myself, the right of advice, I get embarrassed, I got tired of my bad financial situation What can I do to attract good records?

  13. Hello, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and concerns. My job is a lawyer. I am very weak financially, I can’t even afford to rent a lawyer’s office, sometimes I don’t have the fare to go to the court, the reason I don’t have money, I think it’s because I’m compassionate, because I’m embarrassed to get the right to counsel and I get a small attorney’s fee, to What do you think I should do?

    1. Hi, Forget the guilt of asking for what you deserve. Understanding money is key. Your attorney’s fees are a fair exchange for your expertise, a cosmic reward for the value you bring. There’s no harm in claiming your worth. In fact, raising your value is crucial. To truly appreciate yourself, you need to command respect. Someone who undervalues themself stays stuck. Aim high! Pursue greatness with amazing people. You’ve got this!

  14. Hello, dear teacher, I moved to Tehran from a small town about three years ago because of a love break. I am spending very hard and lonely days in a big and crowded city. I am almost thirty-two years old, and in these three years I have done many things that I thought I loved. And I tried, I don’t know what job and work I was made for. On the other hand, I live in a dormitory and I can’t work on your courses. My logic tells me to go back to my own city. My heart says no, you can succeed here. I am tormented day and night. What should I do?

    1. Choosing a big city is a huge decision, and big decisions often come with growing pains. Your brain, wired for survival, whispers to return to the comfort of your small town. But your heart, braver than instinct, yearns for the success you deserve.

      Wondering what path to take? The book “Designing Your Life” is a great resource. It’s available on, along with a short course and audiobook – all translated into Persian and narrated by me.

      You can now ask me questions in Persian on the website or on YouTube! I’m back to creating Persian content, better than ever.

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