How Does the Subconscious Mind Create Reality?

How does the subconscious mind creates reality?

We’ve heard a lot about the subconscious mind and its great influence on life. But to what extent can we really understand its real importance?

Do we know what unconscious reprogramming really is and how it works?

The purpose of this video is to deepen your understanding of the meaning and importance of the subconscious mind through a storytelling example.

Finally, we get to the point of why self-conscious learning is a futile and wrong way to learn. It is also important to understand why and how knowledge is internalized.

What’s the unconscious mind and why is it necessary to reprogram it in order to achieve success? I don’t want to confuse you with technical terms. So here’s a story I wrote.

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Examples of Conscious and Subconscious Mind

A great knight was heavily wounded during a war and fell into the mud. It was close to the end for him, and he had lost most of his sight. After the war, a lonely little boy finds his half-dead body in the mud. The knight turned to see the boy’s pale face. The boy helps him and takes him to his cabin in the woods which was nearby. He treated his wounds.

As the knight recovered, the boy told him: Even though you are still able to fight, I realize that you can’t survive without me. You can’t hunt. You can’t see the dangers around you in time. It’s impossible to know about your enemy’s ambush.

He continued:

A week ago, I lost everything. My parents were slaughtered, just like you, but they didn’t have a second chance. Although I possess a strong sixth sense and a high level of discernment, I cannot fight. You and I can survive together.

From that day on, the visually impaired knight continued to live with the help of the boy and regained his strength. His eyesight was useful for close combat, but nothing more. Just by listening to the boy, the knight was able to build a great life.

It was possible for the boy to see and hear everything with superhuman accuracy, but he could not convey all the information to the knight in the middle of the day. During the day, he would only mention the most important points, but when the night came, he would talk about all the things that he didn’t have the chance to say during the daytime. There were times when he talked until morning.

In some cases, when it was impossible to talk during the day and there was a lot of annoyance, it was not possible for the boy to be quiet, which would drain their energy.

Like two friendly friends, the knight and the boy could usually, understand, and be a source of strength to each other most of the time.

As a result of the knight’s poor vision, in a sensitive and dangerous situation, all he could think about was listening to the boy. He had no time to think. A lack of empathy and friendship would have caused a disaster. Depression would have taken away the boy’s powers without empathy. There was no choice but to empathize.

How Does the Subconscious Mind Work?

We live in an era where the world is vaster than ever; its speed is limitless and relations are in the most complicated condition. It’s like driving a Bugatti in the middle of the night at 400 km/h on a rainy road. Despite everything’s beauty, a moment’s delay and a wrong move can lead to disaster. It leads to choosing the wrong path for the rest of your life. Life is short and sometimes there is no turning back. There is no room for doubt here. A precise, delicate, and purposeful strategy is more critical than ever in today’s world, both personally and professionally.

However, is it possible to adhere to strategies? The thing is, at high speed, you act instinctively. During sensitive moments, a defense mechanism erases all your information and knowledge, when you need them most. And this is when the most fundamental issue of all life becomes clear: the mind that controls us at high speed is totally instinctive and unconscious.

In contrast to the 11 million bits of information we unconsciously receive per second, our understanding of that information as a conscious mind is only 40 bits. In other words, we are all deaf and blind.

Only about 1% of our time is spent consciously.

Every belief we hold and everything we have in life is rooted in the boy or the girl we have with us. Sometimes the child is sick. Either due to genetic issues and brain chemistry or childhood injuries. All the power is in this child’s hands. If the child is not, you will achieve nothing in life and experience no real joy with what you know as self-consciousness.

So there is nothing more important than reprogramming the unconscious and connecting with the inner child.

Importance of Reprogramming the Unconscious Mind

This is the unconscious mind, hidden beliefs, hidden desires, and perceptions that cannot be understood consciously. In childhood, we form most of our unconscious and it’s just like a little boy or girl. This is the inner child that must be reprogrammed for any form of success.

Our understanding of the environment is unconscious, our decisions in critical moments of life are unconscious, and access to information stored in the brain is also done unconsciously.

As a powerful machine, we cannot and should not acquire this level of unconscious processing info so we can be present at the moment now and take advantage of its full potential in the battle scene. Just like the partially blind knight who was good at close combat.

Subconscious Mind VS. Conscious Mind

There are two types of learning: self-aware, which is powerless, and unconscious learning which changes everything. Self-aware learning is more analytical and conscious, often requiring effort and time to really understand and internalize the material. Unconscious learning is more automatic and instinctive, and it often happens naturally and quickly. Unconscious learning can have a greater impact on behavior and decision-making as it is often more deeply ingrained in the brain.

Knowledge kills action.

The unconscious is what we focus on. We’re here to reprogram your inner child, the core of your belief system. This is what makes magic.

We should rewire the unconscious and develop the mindset of a luxury brand. Luxury Mind Programming is the key to all success. Join us and learn more.

The purpose of this channel is to offer free tools for unconscious reprogramming, such as meditation and hypnosis, in order for every individual to realize the joy of change.

We look forward to having you with us.

We offer premium mind tools for free on this channel. Subscribe and stay tuned.

I wish you a luxe mind.

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